Summersuppliesxx was formed in June 2022. 

Message from our founder “I formed summerlashesx after completing my lash course. I have had many years of experience in the lash industry and with this knowledge I have decided to create a range of affordable lash products. I wanted to have a high quality products which are exclusive to everyone. I have a passion and knowledge for lashing, so I have used this to create my own luxury brand” 

With the recent struggles lash techs have encountered, I wanted to make sure the products are affordable. With an average lash set costing £45, our trays are £9 each which allows you to make a profit with every set. 

Our aim is to make everyone in the lash community feel inclusive. We aim to provide excellent customer service and expand our knowledge to others.  We want to provide the best quality of products, so each tech can show their full potential.